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IEC 1131

Software development and Engineering 
Your partner for your automation software tools

Eurosoft provides 

  • Software design consulting and software development services.

  • Advanced technical solutions involving Internet solutions, graphical user interfaces, ActiveX, COM and distributed COM frameworks on Windows platforms, database systems and embedded systems.

Distributed components based automation tools

  • Components for IEC 61131-3 based programming systems
    32 bit technology, ActiveX technology
    Component oriented tools for distributed PLC programming and visualization systems.

  • Building blocks set of ActiveX based components for your own programming system.

  • IEC 61131-3 Language Editors FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC as ActiveX components
    Integrable in active documents, e.g. in Office Applications
    Editors can be integrated in developments systems like Microsoft Visual Studio and other active containers
    Editors support 
    • Rubberbanding technology
    • Unlimited Undo/Redo operations
    • Global support of search and replace operations


  • Database based special selection controls for the support of variable selection and function block selection.

  • Integrated and configurable documentation package.


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